21st February 2018

Cascade Change Log

In October is planned a major release (FREE of all users)  changing the version counter to 2019 to be in sync with Unity Versioning System

Note that we recommend always creating a full project backup before any upgrade of your project.

27.09.2019 Cascade ver. 1.2.1.rev.0

  • Fixed issue with the shader Unity Version 2018.2+. Added support for Unity Editor 2019.x

04.09.2018 Cascade ver. 1.2.0.rev.3

  • Fixed class name inspector not found when Vegetation Studio is installed

30.08.2018 Cascade ver. 1.2.0.rev.2

  • Technical Update Framework Name Convention to support TerraPainter

07.07.2018 Cascade ver. 1.2.0.rev.1

  • Added node navigation feature to scene Cascade Toolbar
  • Fixed Bug with Design Mode when Conform terrain is not enabled
  • Fixed Material setting issue in Large Waterfall demo scene
  • Fixed Turbolence Mode for River and River/Lakes
  • Fixed Reflection Issue with Only Lake mode

04.07.2018 Cascade ver. 1.2.0.rev.0

  • Improved Multi Tiles Terrain support for Procedural River Bed Carving
  • New Multi-thread Job System for Terrain Carving and Mesh Generation
  • Added new Water Surface stream effect
  • Added lake waves generator with up to four optional layers for a organic feeling
  • Added new ocean preview scene
  • Added new multi tile demo scene
  • Fixed Minor Bug reported by users
  • UI Improvement

08.06.2018 Cascade ver. 1.1.0.rev.1

  • Fixed minor big

18.05.2018 Cascade ver. 1.1.0.rev.0

  • Added Multi Tiles Terrain support for Procedural River Bed Carving
  • Added Optional Multithread for Terrain Carving and Mesh Generation
  • Added left and right edge mask for Vegetation Studio to add specific vegetation only along the edge
  • Fixed Minor Bug reported by users
  • UI Improvement

05.04.2018 Cascade ver. 1.0.3.rev.0

  • Upgrade cache terrain to ver. 2.0.0 ( before upgrade  existing project, undo changed to terrain and delete cache ver. 1.0.0 )
  • Fixed minor issue with shader with reflection
  • UI Improvement

15.03.2018 Cascade ver. 1.0.2.rev.0

  • Added New Cascade Surface Spawner for lakes
  • Added autogeneration mask for Vegetation Studio and Cascade Lakes
  • UI Refactor with colored TAB
  • Better tweak for shaders used in demos scenes
  • Now you can keep open multiple sections in UI Manager
  • The fixed keyboard even conflict with ALTGR
  • Fixed issue preventing turbulence when lake builder selected

28.02.2018 Cascade ver. 1.0.1.rev.3

  • Fixed Error during Build Creation

21.02.2018 Cascade ver. 1.0.1.rev.2

  • Fixed Insert Node issue ( Shift + LMB Click)
  • Added Real Time Vegetation Mask working with Awesome Vegetation Studio
  • Minor bug fixing

20.02.2018 Cascade ver. 1.0.1.rev.1

  • Fixed Vegetation Studio Integration Issue

19.02.2018 Cascade ver. 1.0.1.rev.0

  • Added Procedural River Bed Carving Feature

16.02.2018 Cascade ver. 1.0.0.rev.0

  • First Release on Asset Store

Note : Cascade includes compiled and namespaced versions ( to avoid conflict with other assets using the same )  of the following libraries released under MIT License, that are used to support few minor features

  • Clipper ( http://www.angusj.com/delphi/clipper.php )
  • poly2tri ( https://github.com/greenm01/poly2tri )
  • MIConvexHull ( https://github.com/DesignEngrLab/MIConvexHull )

and we were inspired to create a shader for design mode by

  • Wireframe Shader  ( https://github.com/Scrawk/Wireframe-Shader )

Math and Geometry functions are developed inspired by theory in the books :

  • “Foundations of Game Engine Development, Volume 1: Mathematics”, ( E. Lengyel )
  • “3D Game Engine Design: A Practical Approach to Real-Time Computer Graphics” (D. H. Eberly) ,
  • “Mathematics for 3D Game Programming and Computer Graphics” , (Eric Lengyel)
  • 3D Math Primer for Graphics and Game Development”, (Fletcher Dunn)
  • “Geometric Tools for Computer Graphic” ( P. Schneider , D. H. Eberly