11th September 2018

Terra – Painter Module Change Log

We always recommend  creating a full project backup before any upgrade of your project.

.10.2018 Cascade ver. 0.2.3.rev.5


  • New Steepness Calculation on GPU Side

Fixed Issues :

  • In few case textured lines with multi tiles terrain

04.10.2018 Cascade ver. 0.2.3.rev.4


  • New Terrain Normal Calculation on GPU Side

Fixed Issues :

  • Import from Vegetation Studio was not active
  • Namespace Issue with Vegetation Studio
  • Namespace Issue with Vegetation Studio Pro

01.10.2018 Cascade ver. 0.2.3.rev.3

Fixed Issues :

  • Setting file loses data

15.09.2018 Cascade ver. 0.2.3.rev.1

Fixed VS Namespace issue

18.09.2018 Cascade ver. 0.2.3.rev.0

Added Biomes Generation

11.09.2018 Cascade ver. 0.2.2.rev.1

  • Fixed issue with Vegetation Studio integration and new profile creation when adding textures

30.08.2018 TerraPainter ver. 0.2.2.rev.0

  • First Release on Asset Store


TerraPainter uses Open Source MIT Libraries for minor features. Package includes a License.txt file for details.