3rd August 2018



This section will explain how create a new water path on your landscape.

First step is open Cascade Manager  in “Tools -> Cascade -> Open Cascade Manager”


The manager has a dedicated editor window that you can dock to Unity Editor.



From the manager we can create :

  1. River – That is a open surface running along a  path that can even flow in lakes
  2. Lake – That is a closed flat surface

This will add the required objects to the scene



And it will expose all the options in the manager


Note that you can create multiple and different Cascade builders.


Cascade Open Surface Creation


To start to create the points for the path, click the cursor on the landscape and generate additional points by keeping down L Ctrl and pressing L Mouse Click

Note that first point is colored cyan. We can now add the other required points in the same mode. The default color for the others point is green


Cascade shows some information for the selected point :

  • Number of the marker point
  • Distance from the first point
  • With of the path in the selected point

You can also move your marker by selecting the move mode or change the width by selecting the scale mode.


Cascade can generate the river bed with you. You can enable the design mode


Cascade generates a virtual mesh that show you how terrain along the path is going to be shaped to generate the river bed. We have added few parameters that will help to get a natural shape for the river bed. Settings are global and even per node.



Last updated on 7th August 2018
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